The real Temple is the very law of God

Jun 2006
Howard Colby Ives quoted Abdul-Baha at the Baha'i Temple Unity Convention on April 30th, 1912

"Among the institutes of the Holy Books is that of
the foundation of the Divine Temple. This is conducive
to unity and fellowship among men.

The real Temple is the very Law of God, for to that all humanity must
resort, and that is the Point of Unity for all mankind.
That is the Collective Center. That is the cause of accord
and unity of the hearts. That is the cause of the solidarity
of the human race. That is the source of eternal Life.

Temples are the symbols of that uniting force, in order
that when people gather there in a given edifice of God,
in the House and Temple of God, they may recall the
fact that the Law has been revealed for them and that
the Law is to unite them. That just as this edifice was
founded for the unification of mankind, the Law preceding
and creating this Temple was issued therefore."

~ Howard Colby Ives, Portals to Freedom, p. 233