The right pronunciation of Alláh-u-abhá

Mar 2019
Ah-LLAH (emphasis on second syllable, with slight exhale of breath for the ending H, rolling into the ) - U (ooh) - AHB-HA. My experience is from living in a Muslim country and hearing Alhumduli'llah, Bismi'llah, Macha'llah, etc all the time. The emphasis on -Llah is reason it can sound like Allow-ah-pa.

for me its AAL-LAW-HO-(short break)-AAP-HA

AAL- allen wrench
LAW - law and order
HO - hotel
AAP - apple , correct way is to use (B), but kinda sounds like a (P)
HA - hot
This seems to me like a very Americanized pronunciation. It doesn't matter as language is just the guide, and I think it's more important how you think about The Word and its meaning as you say it in any language and any accent. On the other hand, accuracy is and specific language is important as well.

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