Trumpet of Gabriel

Apr 2013
Dorset , UK
"Angels are trumpeting all over the world!”

Strange “Trumpet” Sounds
What does this mean?
If you listen to the videos, it is really deafening!
(Matth.24:31) “And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.”

My brothers and sisters, I assume that the world people and the name Christians are made so aware that time is running out. For the ignorant, this is a very frightening experience. What does all this have to offer? Unfortunately, few people will do research, because it can only be understood spiritually. The great Revival could bring them this truth. But the Christians know better, because the Rapture is very near!

The trumpet sounds have been heard by many millions of people all around the world and must therefore be taken seriously. All these trumpet sounds do not predict much good. It is all in the Bible (Revelation), everything that awaits us very soon.

A positive signal?
The very loud trumpet sounds give a signal that certainly can not be a positive signal in this End Time phase, but rather gives a negative impression. Because the world in its present state is working its own demise. The abrasive sounds of trumpets are difficult to understand by many and sound really ominous.

Many doubt, but the trumpet sounds are indeed of divine origin!
Seeing the many YouTube videos, the sounds can be clearly heard at a very great distance. The sound seems to come out of the atmosphere. There is a huge tension going on in the world, which will soon be audible and visible, for example with the arrival of the false Prophet.

(March → August 2018)
From March 2011 the trumpet sounds were heard for the first time.
March 2011 + 7 years = March 2018.
The trumpet sounds received even more attention since August 2011.
From March 2012 onwards it could be heard all over the world.
August 2011 + 7 year = August 2018

Strange Trumpet Sounds coming from the Sky – De Zonen Gods