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Aug 2009
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Eleven weeks after the start of the Seven Year Plan(April 21st 1937-April 21st 1944), the Second Sino-Japanese War broke out. Chinese historians estimate that 300,000 people died in the Nanjing Massacre(11/37-12/37) which followed the high casualties in the Battle of Shanghai, 8/37-11/37. The entire Seven Year Plan was filled with war in its Asian and Western theatres. Indeed, it was the first global-war in history.

The foundations of flourishing Baha’i communities were laid at this time by a small band of pioneers who were dispatched to the teaching goals of the Plan in North and South America. Building on the work of more than four decades of teaching efforts(1894-1937), these believers, with their lives in their hands and as the shades of night descended on humanity, fulfilled the objectives of the Plan set out by Shoghi Effendi.-Ron Price, Pioneering Over Four Epochs, May 7th 2005.

As the blood of millions
was splattered across the east
and the west in one of humanity’s
darkest hours, a holy enterprise,
a historic mission of such sublimity
with a lustre-like the heroic age,
facing formidable obstacles,
attracting unimaginable blessings
and visible symbols of sovereignty,
drove roots deeper into the soil,
roots of a faith and a destiny.

Inheritors of a shining grace,
girding up their loins, forging
undeflected from their course,
with increasing consecration
as a new Kingdom unfolded
on this earth, on a throne
of everlasting dominion,
with a vision & a sense of destiny
in which this Plan was but
a preliminary task for a rising
generation to fulfil in the
succeeding century which
would be my lifetime.1

1 1944-2044, if I lived to be a hundred.

Ron Price May 7th 2005

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