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Jul 2014
Another excellent watch is, I AM, by Tom Shadyac. In not quite an hour and a half, he visits with some of today's great minds, including authors, teachers, religious leaders and scientists searching for the fundamental endemic problem that causes all the other problems, while simultaneously reflecting on his own life choices of excess, greed and eventual healing.

Just thought this might be a very helpful, easily obtained dvd; given the beautiful discussions being held on this forum.

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Apr 2017
I also enjoyed "MINIMALISM".

It is about two guys who share their experience in possessing only the things they can make a good use of and that truly matter to them. These things, and nothing else.

The result is a deep sense of freedom and happiness. They have re-discovered relationships, beauty, financial health, awe and love.

Theirs is not an apology for poverty or ascetism, but for rational life.
Indeed, by getting rid of materialism, these guys started appreciating and enjoying material things as never before.

After I watched this, I donated about half my clothes. I already live in a small apartment (68 square meters) that helps me to keep only what I really need and value. Hopefully, I will start having enough money as to help others and enjoy things that I really like (e.g travelling, an on-line university degree on medical writing) and leaving aside things or projects about what I believed I was supposed to have (certain foods and entertainment, new items replacing old items that still look good and work well, a big house, etc.).

Don't miss this documentary, because it is a good step to start practicing "detachment" !!
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