What's so new about the Baha'i Faith?

Aug 2011
A Muslim friend of mine is asking that apart from the social laws like inheritance and marriage and also the administration of the Faith, what is new about the Baha'i Faith that is better for the world than the Qur'an?
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Feb 2019
In my opinion, Bahaullah has presented essential spiritual truths very directly in this writings. His teachings are much easier to understand than the verses of the Quran which has great spiritual truths buried in it. That is of immense help for truth seekers. You don't have to take my word for it. Ask your Muslim friend the meaning of Alif-Lam-Mam (ALM) - the letters that appear at the beginning of the second chapter of the Quran and in other places and I am pretty sure your friend won't be able to explain. I have several Muslim friends and none of them have been able to. A Hindu mystic by name Swami Rama Thirtha who was an Arabic scholar and Bahaullah have offered good insight in to the meaning of Alif-Lam-Mam. Check out Bahaullah's commentary on Disconnected letters of the Quran. You are not going to find this from any Muslim leader or scholar.

Source: Tablet of the 'Light Verse' (Lawh-i-Áyiy-i-Núr), also known as Commentary on the Disconnected Letters

A significant portion of the Quran has got to do with fighting jihad. Those verses were applicable in a historic context and are not eternal or universal in nature. But mainstream Islam has not acknowledged this truth for the most part. Since the Quran is very difficult to understand, it is prone to be misinterpretation and as a consequence mainstream Islam has embraced the view that it is obligatory for Muslims for spread Islam everywhere using whatever means possible. This has led to both violent and non-violent forms of jihad and the division of the world in to Muslims and non-Muslims. Bahaullah as I understand it abolished the obligatory jihad and emphasized on the unity of religions.

The Bab has offered commentary on certain chapters of the Quran. I suspect the unpublished tablets of Bahaullah may also contain detailed commentary on the Quran and I eagerly look forward to their publication. If my suspicion is right, I am pretty sure Bahaullah would shoot star shells of wisdom in to the spiritual darkness of mainstream Islam.

And you can tell your Muslim friend that the Quran has entire chapters that are outdated like chapter 8 which deals with war booty or spoils of war. Women and children were considered war booty and they were enslaved, traded like commodities and turned in to sex slaves in the name of Islam even during the time of Mohammed. You don't find that kind of stuff in Bahaullah's teachings. A war must be fought only as a method of last resort when no other alternative is available to restore righteousness and wars must be fought over principles. The victor should never go after civilians or loot civilian property. But the teachings of the Quran allow Muslims to do just that. It is a mixed bag of spiritual truths and barbaric tribal customs.
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Aug 2019
A Muslim friend of mine is asking that apart from the social laws like inheritance and marriage and also the administration of the Faith, what is new about the Baha'i Faith that is better for the world than the Qur'an?
I would not say that there is something new in the Bahai Faith, I would say it is the religion for the current needs of the time.
You could ask your friend if he thinks that all people should be able to read the Qur'an.
But this means that everyone needs education to read the Koran. "All people" implies a general equality between people and a secure social and societal position in order to be able to devote oneself to the study of the scriptures. This means that these social, societal and political aspects become part of the revelation, because they are a prerequisite for being able to live self-determined spirituality.
It is irrelevant whether a Christian, Muslim, Gnostic or Hindu wants to study his writings, it needs these prerequisites. Baha'u'llah not only provides a set of social rules, it also identifies the circumstances of the present time and provides universal approaches.
Your friend can continue to read the Qur'an because it contains many truths, but the circumstances of the time require that this purely individualistic approach be overcome and that all people be given religious access. But this commitment for all people with all religions only works if I recognize all prophets and their followers as equal, therefore this is also an important element of the current time.