Who will join me in this Prayer?

Oct 2011
Truly dear friend

Say: O my Lord, my Best-Beloved, the Mover of my actions, the Lode Star of my soul, the Voice that crieth in mine inmost being, the Object of mine heart's adoration! Praise be to Thee for having enabled me to turn my face towards Thee, for having set my soul ablaze through remembrance of Thee, for having aided Me to proclaim Thy Name and to sing Thy praises.
Jul 2014
Good morning true friends

In Gleanings there is this most interesting prayer. It has shades of the Fire Tablet, and shades of other of the Ancient Beauty's Prayers. Who is there that will join me in the regular (daily) saying of this prayer?

Think carefully. For what you ask for may be granted. Be sure you are prepared and willing. And if not today, then maybe tomorrow, or another day :cool:

With my loving greetings

My dear Romane:

What a beautiful prayer that is. I think the only person whoever lived up to the words of this prayer was Abdulbaha. Well, maybe all the martyrs of the Faith, and all the Pioneer who abandoned the comforts of their home for the hardships of living in distant lands,like our beloved Bill and Tony, also lived up to the tenets of this powerful prayer. I know for sure that you too are among the ranks and files of those who are favored by the Concourse on High. Please remember me in your prayers my dear Romane.
Jul 2014
My dearly beloved friends, the power of prayer is of a certainty, divine. Most willingly do I join you all in prayer. Thank you for such a beautiful writing, Romane.
Loving regards,

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