why did Baha’is lay aside A, B, C, D cluster metric?

Sep 2011
Do we have an explanation from ITC why Baha’is laid aside A, B, C, D cluster metric and switched to milestones?
Aug 2010
New Zealand mainly
Why did core activities turn into portals? Why did "the friends" turn into human resources? The terminology is constantly updated to give the illusion of modernity, efficiency and progress, but the effect is to estrange the community from the Business Management crowd and their plans. People reach their personal limits, and just switch off, decide its not worth the effort to learn the latest terms. But when you don't speak the language, you don't participate, so the result is more passive members in the community, particularly the older ones, Bahais who are just leaving it in the hands of the leaders whom they assume know what they are talking about, because they are obviously in a class of their own. We also get a generation of younger Bahais who have not learned the terms and skills we need to keep the LSAs functioning, so that there are NSAs in position to elect the House of Justice: we have root rot. By the time the first branches start to break off, the tree is in serious trouble.

It doesn't matter a rat's ass what a portal or a milestone or a core activity is, it does matter very much that the bulk of the Bahais should be able to function well in the real core of our activities: Feast, Assembly work, devotions and deepening, and should be able to explain the activities of the Bahai community to their friends in terms that are attractive and that they themselves are familiar with, because they are the also the words of the Writings and of Shoghi Effendi.


Jun 2015
Perth, Australia
Hi Sen, I feel that these evolutions in terminologies are not exclusive of the previous terms used. The terminologies are designed to enhance our learning as to what we as a Baha'i community are striving to build. Soon, these "human resources" will be termed "servants of Baha", "servants of humanity".

I don't think there is an illusion being created, it is a progressive unfoldment of the application of Baha'u'llah's Revelation in an increasing complex society. These varying terms gradually build our conceptual framework by which we as Baha'is shape our lives around as a means of immersing ourselves deeper in His service.

Sep 2011
Sen McGlinn,
You read my thoughts! Though I’ve missed "the friends" turning into human resources.
But my question, maybe poorly phrased, was not about why they changed terminology along the way. I’m interested if ITC or UHJ cared to explain to Baha’is why such a change was made. I thought maybe somebody here aware of a letter, which explains it. I haven’t see one myself so far.
Aug 2012
united states
Mistakes and progressive unfoldment


The terminology of "A cluster" or "C cluster" is divisive and creates the wrong idea altogether. It sounds like a grading system that places one cluster above another based on their level of development, and that is obviously not aligned with the Faith or it's Spirit. Can you imagine being told you are only a "C cluster" and that there are some "A clusters" doing incredible things? Well, that sort of happened in many places...

The challenge facing us at the time (and currently still a challenge probably) was that we needed a way to assess the development of local regions where activities were taking place. That in itself is of course a legitimate concern and thing to strive for.

To me, the fact that we moved away from the terminology of A,b,C etc clusters is a proof of this mighty Revelation. It shows that we are constantly learning and growing, and when things do not work they will be changed, not stubbornly upheld. We know as Bahai's that all knowledge is progressive and relative, and as we attain higher and higher levels of unity our understanding of Baha'u'llah's Revelation will advance and unfold accordingly. It is in essence a scientific process of continuous growth and development, and mistakes will be made along the way. This understanding, I think, relieves and frees us, because we come to see resistances and challenges as part of the process of growth.

This is only my personal opinion and understanding of the matter