Why has the Guardian never visit USA or Canada?

Mar 2015
Bend area, Oregon

I have been pondering off and on for a few days your question, “Why has the Guardian never visit USA or Canada?” Ruhiyyih (Mary Maxwell) Khanum’s book, The Priceless Pearl touches on something closely related to your question. She wrote: “A mutually trusting and tender relationship grew up between the young Guardian and those he called ‘the children of 'Abdu'l-Bahá’ from the very first moment they heard he had been named the Master's successor.” She also wrote: "In one of his earliest letters as Guardian, addressed to the New York Spiritual Assembly in 1923, Shoghi Effendi states in a few words his attitude towards America, an attitude that never altered until the end of his life: 'Conscious of the clear and emphatic predictions of our beloved Master as to the predominant part of the West is destined to play during the early stages in the universal triumph of the Movement, I have, ever since His departure, turned my eyes in hopeful expectation to the distant shores of that continent...' 'How often', he wrote to the American National Assembly that same year, 'I have wished and yearned to be nearer to the field of your activities and thus be able to keep in more constant and closer touch with every detail of the manifold and all-important services you render.' " (pp. 339-340)

Not a direct answer to your question, but related. LR

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