Will the Universal House of Justice become a civil government agency?

Dec 2015
N Ireland
I said that the UK has two established churches, and pointed out that the position of the Church of Scotland is one nuance different.

The Anglican church is formally the established church of England (excluding Wales), Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey, and thus it is not the established Church in Scotland. It has also been disestablished in Northern Ireland. But the Anglican Church's constitutional relationships are with the crown and parliament (both houses) of the United Kingdom, including Wales and Scotland and sometimes Northern Ireland. Of course, when I say parliament is the parliament of the United Kingdom, I'm not implying that all the MPs from Ireland actually take their seats in the Parliament. But 11 do which is good enough.

It's a typical English fudge: the Anglican church is and is not the established church of the UK, depending on the view. And it's definitely the established church in England, but not everywhere. Religious truth is relative, says Shoghi Effendi, and especially in Great Britain. Which of course is not the same as the British Isles (most of which are not British, but the big one is and that's all that counts).
Well said Sen, you are indeed correct.As the term "British Isles" is geographic rather than political, the island of Ireland is indeed one of the British Isles:rolleyes: