(Women) and Modesty in Bahai Faith

Feb 2018
Arizona-but earth is one homeland ;)
To me modesty if foremost about conduct and outlook and dress only secondarily.

Some women are so beautiful physically that a full burka can not hide it. Likewise some men so perfect of body that no daily wear could mask their masculinity. Many christians cover their head according to the teachings of Paul btw.

If however a person's conduct be found to be full of propriety their spiritual modesty is evident.

Now consider outlook, how Christ has said "if thy eye offend thee, pluck it out" likewise did he say the like of: "if any man should look lustfully upon a woman (besides his wife) he has committed adultery with her in his heart".

Never the less, if particular body parts are more associated with sexuality, then covering them (and hiding their shape) will appear more modest for that culture. That should in nowise demand a person dress to their great discomfort to appease the eyes of others though imo. Conduct and outlook remain the greater part of modesty in my estimation.


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