Writing to the Universal House of Justice

Jun 2018
Does anybody know how I can write to the Universal House of Justice when I want to ask for its guidance?

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Sep 2012
That is a very interesting question! It seems a quick search of the bwc.org just ends in a run-around. My wife insists that the contact info for the House is no secret so I'll post it here:

Universal House of Justice
Bahá’í World Centre • P.O. Box 155 • 3100101 Haifa, Israel
Tel: 972 (4) 835 8358
Email: [email protected]

Something to remember is that sooo much info is already available elsewhere and can be gotten so much faster by just asking around. Like if you had a Windows 10 problem you're far better off doing a google search for all the tech problems. Insisting on speaking w/ the Microsoft CEO for learning how to copy and paste is just not productive.

In the case of seeking guidance for life as a Baha'i, you can get answers a lot faster if you--
  1. ask friends
  2. contact local assembly
  3. Auxiliary Board Member
  4. National Assembly
  5. Counselor
  6. relavant office at world centre
  7. House