You became a Bahai during what year?

Nov 2010
but i was ashamed, didn't feel like i was good enough.
it still don't feel like i am as a true bahai should be.
but this fool is trying. :)
Sep 2010
Normanton, Far North West Queensland
1984 - But that is when I declared my Belief in Baha'u'llah :yes:

Unfortunately I am still trying to be a Baha'i :rolleyes:

In the West we have a lot of bad materialistic hurdles to jump over :eek: Most of the world has picked up on our bad habbits
Sep 2010
Normanton, Far North West Queensland
Sunday September 12, 1971, about 4-5 pm.

A lot of water under the bridge Bruce :yes:

Still amazes me after all these years of teaching, people will still say - I have not heard of that religions :no:

Unfortunately I think the world will need the impending awakening, that is a tribulation to remind us we have to put God in our lives.

Stay well stay happy be full of Joy :cool: Cheers Tony


Aug 2010
Were you born a Baha'i or did you become a Baha'i? What year?
Hello Daniel,
The thing that I find a bit strange about this question is that you aren't answering it about yourself. I think that everyone in this forum has a logical right and curiosity to know if the forum moderators (Daniel and Jafar) are Baha'is in good standing or not and to have some general idea of what their personal spiritual history is.
I have always been a Baha'i in good standing myself and I am a child of Baha'i parents.
Although Baha'i teachings strongly advocate that parents should teach the Baha'i Faith to their children, in the Baha'i Faith there is no such thing as being "born a Baha'i" because we have the principle of independent investigation of truth.
Sep 2010
Boalsburg, PA, USA
Declared in 1983

Greetings Friends,

I declared in February of 1983, right before the Intercalary days and the Fast! But, I resigned in 1996. Than it seems that Baha'u'llah called me back and I have come home again just recently. I too fee that I fall far, far short of the calling to be a true Baha'i. I am striving, praying, and meditating on the Writings each day, to further deepen in the teachings, that I might, even in a small way, be an instrument for the Cause of Baha'u'llah.