You pray to your God

Jun 2009
I have often heard well meaning people, of a firm religious persuasion, trying to be inclusive, suggest that people who did not share their faith should pray to their own God. This makes me feel that the point that "God is One" has rather been missed.

Believing in One God, you may think that there is no question of who should be prayed to. I have been thinking about this. I often look at the similarities in religions and noted that, for example, many of a Christian persuasion pray to Saints and indeed, I had heard that Bahá'is should pray through Bahá'u'lláh. I decided to look this up because, I was still a bit confused.

I recently found this quotation

"...We must not be rigid about praying; there is not a set of rules governing it; the main thing is we must start out with the right concept of God, the Manifestation, the Master, the Guardian -- we can turn, in thought, to any one of them when we pray. For instance you can ask Bahá'u'lláh for some thing, or, thinking of Him, ask God for it. The same is true of the Master or the Guardian. You can turn in thought to either of them and then ask their intercession, or pray direct to God. As long as you don't confuse their stations, and make them all equal, it does not matter much how you orient your thoughts."

(Compilations, Lights of Guidance, p. 456)

For me this is interesting as I was unaware of this. It does make perfect sense. Sometimes God just seems so abstract, so Great a concept that the thought of even addressing Him seems so daunting yet we have been granted the great blessing of a more accessible route.

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